LF39M MC – my experience using the new Dungeon Finder Tool

March 8, 2010

Ahh the lovely challenge of using the Random Dungeon finder tool.

Over on Blog Azeroth, we have been challenged with coming up with some positive stories from using the LFG system. Problem is, Most dungeon runs are pretty standard. You queue up, you go in and buff, force the tank to pull at light speed and you grab your loot and go. Its hard to come up with suitable tear moistening stories from such a routine occurrence.

Far easier to recount for your reading enjoyment is the tale of how I got kicked from a low level BFD run by a healer and his two buddies. It really is a positive story, I swear. The lessons I learned from it were rather good for me, it was terribly amusing overall, and after thinking it over carefully, the experience has made me a more considerate low level dungeon runner.

So there I was, running through the Black Fathom Deeps instance, DPSing like a mad woman and fending off mobs that kept magically pulling off the tank, when we came to the Twilight cultist’s boss room. We kill the boss quickly and I hop up on the dais and start happily lighting all the candles…   As I light the third candle, it suddenly dawned on me… >.< err… we aren’t level 80… We are gonna die…  oops..!!!! Belatedly I battled the waves of Adds valiantly trying to correct my mistake by killing them all before anyone died, but was overwhelmed in the end. As soon as I died, I typed my apology and explanation for being such a tard.

Hoo boy was that embarrassing.

The healer was so mad at me he refused to res me. No one in the group said one word to me after my apology, and so I started the long corpse run back to the ruined Temple of Elune in the Zoram Strand. I received my vote kick long before I had made it back to the instance portal.

But long before the vote kick came, I knew this run wasn’t going to go so smoothly when out of the blue the healer’s girlfriend emote /slapped me for thanking the healer for an earlier res and offering cupcakes. I remember being stunned and thinking to myself, if this was an RP realm, I’d be honor bound to kick her skinny butt. Who walks around slapping people and thinking its not going to provoke a reaction anyway? I casually commented that she didn’t need to hit other people who are being nice to the healer. She didn’t say anything.

About ten minutes after that, I spied a chest near the Merloc cave and popped it open to see what was in it. Back in the day, we used to roll on the right to open them, because sometimes there were valuable greens inside. But a little bit after Burning Crusade came out, Blizzard instituted a group /roll system for greens in chests. People stopped rolling to loot the chests and whomever wanted the vendor trash usually popped them for the group. Well, apparently the Healer, Tank and Slappy all came from a realm that still rolled on them. It was bizarre being lectured by the healer like I was some recalcitrant child who never ran a dungeon before. I took the umbrage gracefully and explained my mistake and apologized. This was a new experience for me and from that moment on, the run took on a feeling of the unreal.

When the healer pompously starting lecturing my rather scrubby warlock friend about his unacceptable DPS in this level 20 run I just had to laugh. Here I was, dripping in heirloom items and AH huntard greens, leading them through a dungeon, and so obviously not a new player – I kept thinking to myself that no one can be that ignorantly pompous, can they? And for that matter.. WHO RUNS RECOUNT AT LEVEL 20?? really.. level 20! I know.. i couldn’t belive it either… I mean, my warlock friend is infamous for not being able to DPS at any level or any class – he is the ubiquitous scrubb and we love him despite is terribad playing skills. But this is a level 20 run.. not ICC 25 or a timed run or anything.

Suffice to say, when the imminent group kick finally came, I was glad to get away from the dysfunctional couple and their tanking buddy. My scrubby warlock friend didn’t realize what happened at first (I learned that day that it only takes three votes to kick someone from a run – he wasn’t even asked) and eventually he realized I was gone. He wandered around the dungeon a little bit then took off to do some solo questing.

Took me a few days to sort through my emotions, but in the end, I am mostly amused at the experience, and a little bit chastened for scrubbing it up like I did.

First, because being treated like a problem child in a dungeon run has so very rarely happened to me. I have always thought of myself as a somewhat polite person in real life, and I do my best to extend that to my game play in MMO’s. I try to be communicative and don’t harangue or harrass people when they make mistakes or get upset. Also, I have more than your average amount of instancing experience – I leveled my first serious avatar, a healing priest, five years ago. Healing your way up to level 60 through the dungeons made lots of friends and very few enemies. Although things were very different back in the days of Vanilla WoW, no one would kick a competent healing priest from a group. heck, i am not sure they would kick an asshat healing priest either, but I too much of a softie to be mean to people. Healers were in short supply back in the day, and I was proud that I was friends to so many others on my realm.

Second, I was rather amused at the girlfriend’s reaction. Something like that would never happen to me in real life – So unexpected and out of the blue to suddenly be slapped by another person. I imagined it to be like walking into a bar, ordering a drink and getting cold cocked by the person standing next to you. Not something one sees every day, or even in a lifetime.. lol.

Lastly, I was a little touched at the nostalgia of rolling on chests and using CC on low level dungeon runs. The Dungeon Finder tool brings so many different realm cultures together, it was nice being reminded to not assume everyone in a group was on the same page as far as low level loot rules went.

I haven’t ran a low level run since then. Partly in fear of that rough experience being repeated. Its enough to watch my son on the weekends struggling through the low level runs with the seemingly revolving door of people popping in and out of the average run. Although its awesome to finally be able to queue up for a low level run – they had almost died out before the Dungeon finder tool was instituted – seems its very rare to see the same five people who start the run actually finish it. Vote kicks are rampant as are people /afking and dropping group in favor of less harrowing experiences. I hope the next time I have the energy to run a lowbie run, I can help improve on this culture with good behavior and actually get a group to finish without unnecessary drops or drama.

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