An angry crew

March 31, 2010

Was talking to a friend who runs the Angry Guild Leader site the other day. Seems a lot of angry people have a lot of things to say, mostly about World of Warcraft. Seems like a trend lately, with nearly every post I see on blogs about this mmo turning into a rant. What is it about this game that has made so many people unhappy?

Anyway, I looked up some blogs and found a considerable amount of ones that are titled the “angry” raider, gamer, whatever. In the interest of curiosity, I thought I would post them here. Most of them are not even active, by the way. Which just goes to prove you cant stay mad forever. ;D

  1. Angry Guild Leader –  the original, orange and black site with various game reviews, guild leadership tips, awesomeness, etc.
  2. Angry Raid Leader – a site where the guy stayed upset off and on for about a year, then tapered off. Now he is living in Vegas and doing the kind of stuff that people do in Vegas. (side note, if what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas, what do the locals do?)
  3. One Angry Gamer – a blog where the guy posted every few weeks for a few years, then signed off. He reported that he worked his anger issues out and had other blog projects.
  4. The Angry Raider – lost his love for MMO’s, and thus, lost his anger.
  5. The Angry Gamer Blog – apparently the now-defunct parent site that spawned The Ban Stick, wherein the author discusses how he is going to be doing table top gaming again. Very soon. He’s also got a podcast and updates fairly often about various games. nice site.
  6. The Angry Butterfly – Because you should be able to raid end game and love your spec too. The site title says it all. A nicely written, fairly often updated blog about a gamer in World of Warcraft.
  7. Angry Healers – I love the name of site, for obvious reasons. The subtitle reads, ‘Letting you die of your stupid since 2009″. Interesting. She is still blogging and raiding, by the way.
  8. Angry Rant News – last post, August 2009. About Ozzy playing at Blizzcon. Apparently they got a sponsor and stopped writing in favor of pod casting. Looks like radio killed the blogging stars.

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