another facepalm moment – Healing heroics as a Fresh 80

May 4, 2010

A new article over on WoW.com recommends that fresh new level 80 priests jump straight into healing heroic dungeons after leveling.

“Don’t waste your time toiling in normal dungeons, trying to find one upgrade at a time while getting no badges.”

They urge you go to the Auction House and “Just buy one or two pieces and then trying queuing for a heroic dungeon. If you still get an error message telling you that your gear isn’t good enough, buy another piece and repeat the process until you can queue.”

This kind of stuff makes me scared. I mean, if you got a guild who is willing to mentor you or whatever, with a little patience and understanding, and some help, it would certainly work out. But new level 80 healers that, due to the nature of leveling gear, struggle for mana and are still learning how to heal and work the buttons need a bit more prepping than this if they are gonna roll in the unforgiving world of the Dungeon Finder tool.

It was one of Blizzard’s stated goals, back in the days they were leaking design news about Wrath, to have people run regular dungeons a little (not a lot, I realize this, but certainly a little) before they could jump straight into heroics. Most of us leveled in guilds and had friends who carried us a bit on our first heroic or two when we hit 80. In fact, I remember my fresh drood Alt failing to heal Utguard Pinnacle on a boss, and needing the DPS shammie to lend a hand. I can only imagine what kind of unhappy trauma would happen to a fresh 80 priest using the cross-realm Dungeon Finder if they hopped in there looking to heal a heroic right off the get go.

For the most part, my experience has shown me that a fresh 80 priest will have a MUCH easier time and learn the ropes faster (with less trauma) if they simply pug a 25man raid like VOA or one of the lower tier dungeon runs. More often than not, people in a lower tier 25man raid are there for badges or the weekly raid quest and dont mind a new healer that is trying to gear up. We’ve all been there with a new alt, and most people understand how it is at that level. Plus, in a 25-man, there are enough other healers to provide a cushion for the new 80 to fall back on when things get tight.

Telling fresh to level 80 healers to jump into heroics with their leveling greens/blues and only enough items to squeeze past the gear level verification mechanics in the Dungeon Finder Tool is irresponsible and thoughtless. The four other people in that heroic depending on that  poor new level-80 healbot aren’t going to appreciate it either.

WoW.com… you CAN do better than this. =(

edit… actually, they HAVE done better than this. An earlier article on WoW.com reads: Heroics as a fresh 80: Don’t be that guy. Anyone have any ideas why their policy changed?


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