My Rift Cleric at 35

March 23, 2011

Last night was yet another exciting and satisfying night in Rift. Time just flew by as we quested and played and had the time of our lives. Utu and I finally made it past content we had tested in alpha and we were really digging seeing all the new (to us) content. We took a slow ride on our tortoises to Lantern Hook and then followed the ‘bread crumb trail’ in Meridian to Moonshade Highlands.

After Scarwood Reach, it appears that Trion has two zones where they encourage you to quest at this point. So, after running around a little in Lantern Hook, killing mobsters, stealing back protection money and sending the gambling bosses out of town, we decided that level 37 guys were a little too hard-core for us and headed over to Moonshade Highlands.

So far we are impressed. This place is really pretty, the questing is gentle but engaging, you get a TON of exp for everything here so you level rather quickly, and we got to see Dwarf NPC’s. FYI, they sound a little like Yoda… err, yeah.. I even got buffed with an icky Guardian Wardstone at one point. I will follow up with more thoughts on why there seem to be two zones to quest in for the 35 – 40 level range, and some more pretty screenies from Moonshade Highlands when Utu and I finish the first quest hub tonight.

While I was on my farming toon….

Got some lovely screenshots of an earth rift in Stonefield today on my marksman, Lionesse. Thought I’d share with folks how visually stunning this game can be. It reminds me of Lotro with the light sources and how pretty the scenery can get. Even the desert areas are nice. Well, sorta a combination of EQ and Lotro and one step further along down the MMO graphics evolutionary timeline.

Okay, that’s all for my quick update. I wanted to close with a little screenie I took of the sky. Yes, the boring clouds and rain and the sky. Its for my skeptical Wow friends.

Look guys! WEATHER!!!!

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