Not all who wander are lost….

June 20, 2011

Been gone so long that I am fairly sure you all thought I’d stopped gaming…

Well, I didn’t, I just got bored and have kinda stopped blogging. Since my last post, I have done quite a bit. Utu and I hit endgame content pretty hard. Was in T2’s within our first week (first night actually, with a drunk, over-geared tank friend… it was.. excruciatingly painful to clear RD in our green/blue gear), and within three weeks we joined Hex, the primary end-game guild on our server.

Not much to say but the grind to get vial mats so we can raid has burned us out faster than Lindsey Lohan in rehab. We have some rather spiffy gear to show for all the work, but spending every other spare moment online looking for ways to farm or purchase 9 Eternal Planars each day, and an odd assortment of herbs, makes doing anything else in this game within the time constraints we have (20+ or – hours a week) almost impossible.

Hope to bring you some good news soon, either a new, less “grindy” MMO, or some good news about life being breathed back into Rift. I’ll keep you posted….

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