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Turbine’s NEW to do list:

April 18, 2010

dead again

  1. Alphabetize the destination list for Stable-Masters
  2. Allow Click-adding to the Auction House search panel. Typing sucks!
  3. Allow mail RETRIEVAL of letters sent by NPC’s on trial accounts so we don’t miss out on all those cool quest starters that NPC’s send players via the post.
  4. DO NOT.. and I repeat for emphasis.. DO NOT ALLOW hostile NPC’s to wander near and attack players that are standing in front of the Stable Masters. (ya…   >.>  I was alt-tabbed when I wrote this.. lol)
  5. Fix the whiney voices for the humans. Its… really annoying.
  6. Fix the auto-response “Why are you bugging me?” on humans that you are rescuing on escort quests. Complaining that I am speaking to them makes me want to just ditch their sorry asses in the orc-infested camps where I found them.