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I thought I could fly, So why did i….?

April 2, 2010

Arwiel of LoTRO

Haha, learning the new controls for a game is a mixture of embarrassing snafu’s and frustration. No idea why the makers of LoTRO decided that holding both mouse keys down will lock you into running… but they did. Perhaps its one of those cruel developer jokes to embarrass WoW/EQ players. IDK. its funny though. Subsequently, after five years of instinctively running in MMO’s with both buttons down, I find myself flying off ledges and cliffs a lot.

Maybe its Ardwiel’s lute playing and singing.. who knows. All i know is my avatar is getting a complex about her musical ability. Everything dies an agonizing death the second she starts to strum… Maybe she is trying to end it all?

. ttfn