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its heinous, but its BIS, so you wear it… and you hate yourself…

April 1, 2010

Best in Slot. Sigh.

This term means there is an item available in the game that is considered the best of what is out there for your spec or class. Sometimes its an easy choice, there is often only one trinket or bracer or whatever that is clearly tops for your avatar. Sometimes it’s not so easy to choose, as blizzard did a good job providing many choices for that slot.

Sometimes the item is a beautiful item, which graces your toon and makes it even more beautiful in your eyes. The gear delights your senses just as much as it satisfies your desire for better game play. But other times, and IMHO, far too often, it’s a rather ugly item, one that only the most competitive will begrudgingly wear, and then only because it is.. Best in Slot.

This time the ugly item is a belt. Both of the most recent belts for both tier 9 and tier 10 level gear have been hideous in my opinion. They are large and clunky, look like a pro-wrestling belt trophy, and make my avatar appear pregnant. They come off looking like she has a puffy muffin wrapped around her waist.

Sigh. It’s not pretty, but until I reach level 95, I am pretty sure I am stuck with it. >.<

Somewhere out there is an evil gaming gear graphics designer that is laughing his ass off. All the way to the bank. =P