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Just another LoTRO Sunday…

April 19, 2010

It’s another LoTRO sunrise, Starin’ slowly ‘cross the sky, said goodbye

So today found me trying to tidy up all my loose quests in an attempt to get my minstrel into the Lone Lands. Last night before I logged out, I was extended an invitation to Smokin’ Fat Hobbits, and decided to get to know the guild a little bit today, socialize in trade chat, try to do some fellowships, you know… enjoy myself.

I got an awesome group for the Great Barrows, main healed the whole thing and sailed through it with no deaths. Picked up a chest, hat, and pocket item. and then quests for that place gave me a cloak, ring and new sword. I felt pretty well decked out.

It was so nice healing for these people. In LoTRO, as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as Gear Score and there isn’t anything called Recount. No one was complaining about DPS, no one was putting others’ gear down, or trying to one-up each other, or ninja logging from frustration. It was just get in, get the job done, have fun, and get on with your day. I ended up with one of the people in my friend’s list. All in all a VERY pleasant run and a great way to start my day.

After cleaning up my bags in Bree, a lovely guildie helped me out with the crebain quest in the barrows enabling me to get the last part of my Epic Book finished. The last chapter was an exciting solo-instance that sent back to Tom Bombadil’s house to pick up the questline. I got there all excited to see him pwn the Barrow Downs just to end up with him dumping me all by my lonesome at the front door of the Great Barrows and basically saying, “SEE YA!”

After chuckling to myself, I chomped down some buff food and set to work, mini-style. Which means, clearing the place slowly, one mob at a time. I got to the end of the solo-instance and met up with this guy.

ya. he looks evil. and you know what? He is…

but even cooler than how evil he looks, is the mechanic where you have to approach him to exchange a quest with him before he gets to kill you. Well, about 2/3rd of the way through him wailing away on me, in pops Tom Bombadil singing and leaping about and being Tom. The boss freezes in place and slowly heals up while Tom tells him to go to sleep, etc… just like the lines in the book.

only… when Tom tells me its safe to go… the Bad Guy TAKES A POT SHOT AT ME.

I don’t know if that is supposed to happen.. but here I am with low mana from the first round and fighting for my life while Tom Stands there watching and singing his silly rhymes. It was nuts. Anyway, I killed it, and got out of there and me and Tom ended up back at his place to wrap up the quest. And then off I went to chill with Gandalf in Bree =D

Later in the evening after dinner I made it out to the lone Lands and saw the prettiest Sunrise while on Weather Top. I took some screenies to share. It’s just incredible up there. After some close calls in some Orc Camps and getting that yucky healer-trying-to-solo feeling, I grabbed the quests out at the Forsaken Inn and decided to head over to Trestlebridge and see if the quests are any easier there. Tomorrow I will find out if maybe getting a level or two under my belt in the north before coming back to Ost Guruth will be the trick. It’s no fun worrying that if more than two mobs see you at a time you’re toast.