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My 15-minutes of fame: Around Azeroth: The fallen protector


Jocelyn is a disabled, ex-Information Technology Project Manager living in Northern California on the California Delta. With the ability to commute to Silicon Valley to pursue a professional life in Computer Sciences in the past, she now spends her time organic gardening and caring for a variety of large exotic birds and heritage fowl.

Jocelyn’s first gaming experiences were in standard table top gaming and an early computer text game called Colossal Cave Adventure. In the early 90’s she branched out into games for 16-bit Windows and eventually migrated on to games like Quake/Doom/Hexxen as OS technology improved. As an early adapter to computer technology and gaming, she found herself drawn to PC strategy games like Sid Meyer’s Civilization series and various city building games like Caesar and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Sometime in early 2005 she installed World of Warcraft and has been lost in the world of MMO’s ever since. During the peak of her time raiding, she achieved status as a World 10 ranked Disc Priest in a highly competitive Server First 25 man raiding guild on the Galakrond server. She excels in working through the unique challenges and tactics of cutting edge progression where there are no established strategies or guides. She also enjoys exploring tanking and/or healing classes in other games such as Rift, Lord of the Rings Online, Wildstar, SWToR, Guildwars 2, and Everquest II.

As a Blogger she has journaled on many sites since early 1992 and is involved in various projects covering a wide range of topics from computer gaming to US politics to the care and feeding of happy Psittacines.


Jocelyn’s MMO Gaming Resume


WoW Raid experience (expansion appropriate clears only):

Mists of Pandaria:

Seige of Orgimmar Heroic 10man – 10/14 current (Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Druid)
Seige of Orgimmar 10 man Normal Mode – 14/14, 5/2014 (Monk, Druid, Paladin, Priest)
Throne of Thunder LFR – 5/2014 (Monk, Druid, Paladin, Priest)
Terrace of Endless Spring 10Man Normal  – 11/2012 (Monk tank\healer, and Druid tank\healer)
Heart of Fear 10Man Normal – 11/2012 (Monk tank\healer, and Druid tank\healer)
Mogu’shan Vaults 25Man Heroic- 8/2014 (Disc Priest)
Mogu’shan Vaults 10Man Normal – 10/2012 (Monk tank\healer, and Druid tank\healer)



Blackwing Descent 4/6 (on druid tank and Holy Priest)
Baradin Hold  1/1 (both on druid tank and Holy/Shadow Priest)


Heroic ICC 25 – 11/12 bosses – all server first kills
ICC 25 – 12/12 bosses – all server first kills
Heroic ICC 10 – 11/12 bosses – all server first kills
ICC 10 – 12/12 bosses – all server first kills
TotGC 25 – 9/10 Achievements and 5/5 bosses including server first H Anub, Grand Crusader, and A Tribute to Skill 1/19/10 World Rank #1617
Ulduar 25 – 55/61 Achievements including: Death’s Demise and Astral Walker (was Celestial Defender award for guild, but I hadn’t been server long enough at that point)
Ulduar 10 – 57/63 Achievements including: Observed, One Light and Champion
OS3D and EoE – 25 and 10
Naxx 25 18/19 Achievements
Naxx 10 19/19 Achievements including: Undying
Burning Crusade:
Cleared all of Kara, Gruul, Mag, TK, SC, Hyjal, BT and Sunwell up to Muru pre-Xpac. Kil’Jaden 12/15/08
Vanilla WoW:
MC cleared, AQ-20/40 Cleared, Ony dead, BWL stopped at the unfortunate Vaelastrasz.







WoW Guild history:

Vanilla: Illumination/Turalyon, Us
BC: Aeon/Turalyon US, Rampage/Turalyon, US
Wrath: Rampage/Turalyon US, Risen/Galakrond, US
Cata: Limited raiding, loooooong break for romance and marriage.
Pandaria: Rampáge/Proudmoore US, Grievance/Proudmoore US, Angry Pirates/Thrall US

 Rift Raid experience:

Rift Raids (first expansion experience only):

Death, Air, Water, Fire – Complete
Greenscale’s Blight – Complete
River of Souls – Complete w/Three Server First Kills

About me:

What I bring to the table is an exceptionally experienced, raid-aware player who maintains a 99% attendance rate for scheduled events. As a proactive raider, I enjoy reading up on future anticipated encounters, and frequently follow-up on popular strategies within the healing community even after the initial “first kill”. I am an adult who understands the responsibilities of being a strong team member, and as such, have no problems getting my own avatar to raid locations on time and bringing proper equipment for the evening’s content in advance. For me, its part of the enjoyment of playing an MMO game to be able to research and test my own content-specific macro’s, stay current on mods and their updates, and maintain specialized min/max gear for progression encounters.

Furthermore, I am one of those strange breed of raiders that loves to test and develop cutting edge strategies for new fights, and am ready and willing each night for the strategic teamwork of a productive night spent on progression – wipes and all. My computer is top of the line and my connection is one of the best in the nation. I support several max level alts for optimal consumable support and farming and enjoy participating in Alt runs and other guild events in my free time. I have WOL and WMO logs for any current content as well as raiding references spanning ten years of WoW.

What I aim for is a professional-minded progression guild with a constructive team working atmosphere and active schedule. A good guild for me is one that keeps a tight roster so players have as little sideline sitting as possible. I work best in a respectful, positive environment, but at the same time enjoy the fun, lightheartedness of a well-integrated team of diverse gamers. Short scheduled breaks during raid are a huge plus.

Although I take my raiding seriously, I realize this is a game, and as such, social aspects of an easy-going but serious guild are a nice extra. Also, an active well populated server helps make out-of-guild play time more enjoyable all around. I am always up for Gold Challenges, RBG’s, fun activities, and frequently PVP or pug to maintain my edge and meet new people.

Lastly, it is vitally important to me that the guild name floating over my avatar is respected for the quality and personal integrity of the players that share it with me. If you are considering my application, please be aware your guild, and it’s membership are under careful consideration in turn.


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